Jumeirah Sirius

Named after the brightest star, the Jumeirah Sirius recognition and rewards programme illuminates the very best experiences that Jumeirah Hotels, Resorts & Residences present across the world. Jumeirah Sirius has been especially designed to reward you when you stay, dine, relax or shop at Jumeirah.

Step in a new world 

Our objective is to tell a visual and beautiful story that is emotionally tethered to the experiences
we have using the Jumeirah Sirius card.

The idea can be used on a stage like projection mapping on prism like structure that are similar
to the “window” graphic treatment.
Our animation work centres around a multi-sided shape onto which graphic moving visuals are
projected from several angles, resulting in an endlessly morphing visual illusion. Check out some of the storyboard samples we sent to our client.


We used a combination of After Effects for 2d pictures and typography and Maya for 3d
crystal effects.
Animated, mirrored shapes that morph into one another, while taking on ambiguous shapes,
ultimately  show the “window”that frames the experience.
We won’t be limited to just a planar perspective, at times we will jump to a 3D view giving us a
different perspective that corresponds to a major beat of the song.
Elegant yet organic, The animation is very simple, yet impactful with very rich textures and is
a unique way to explain our “Journey into a world of privileges”. With a zoom-in technique ,
we go throught a journey of motion graphics, and macro close ups of various experiences, that
evolve into random Abstract shapes, that pulsate to the beat of the song. Every time we reach
a new setup it would be like an impact of elements and forms gradually forming the element
we are hearing, and the experience we are feeling.

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