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S’more anyone?

To kick off, here’s a video about why we watch movies. Enjoy!



Imagine a beautiful room.
Just watch it for a second.
Nothing is really happening in there right?
How long can you watch this room before you get bored?
Your eyes analyzed everything there is to see. And now it’s time to move on.
But what if I tell you that there is a spacepod in this room.

Now your mind races to answer the most basic of questions.

Why is this spacepod in there?

How did it get there?

So Do we have a interseting story yet?

Not really.

But what if I told you now that there is a person in a spacesuit that just came out of the spacepod.

Your mind is racing again to answer questions. Why is he there. What does he want?

This is still not a full story but we are clearly going somewhere.

What if I tell you now that the person in the spacesuit, is actually exploring our way of life?

Now we start to have a story that is interesting because we just created DRAMATIC TENSION.

You see, movies have to be about something BIG, important and significant. Otherwise we simply don’t care.

It doesn’t have to be grandiose like saving all of humanity
It can be a simple story about two friends.
But it needs to tell something timeless about what friendship is.
It needs to be about something we can all relate to.

It doesn’t have to be a big spectacle with a complicated story.
But it needs to have big issues in the story…


See it’s universal themes we can all relate to. We all need a home and we all know what love is we know what death is.

So even if we never entered something outlandish like a spaceship we can relate to the challenging themes happening to the characters on screen.

It’s all about EMOTION.

Emotion literally means “disturbance.”

But What creates a disturbance best?

Tension & conflict

You have to promise your audiences that it will be worth it for them to follow your journey through the emotions of the main characters.

If we are not emotionally invested in them we won’t watch your film. PERIOD.

Or we will be BORED and BOREDOM is a filmmakers worst nightmare. Because you are not invested in watching the film anymore.

So how do we create Tension&Conflict?

The obstacles the characters face need to be complicated, dangerous, nearly impossible.

At times it might not literally be a question of life or death but it needs to feel that way.

So why do we watch movies if they are full of tension & conflict?

Perhaps Tony Robbins has the answer ( ON SCREEN to that question in his book Personal Power 2)

“Ultimately everything that we do in our lives is driven by our fundamental need to avoid pain and our desire to gain pleasure, both are biologically driven and constitute a controlling force in our lives”

Well a character avoiding pain is a learning experience.

In watching them we can learn how to avoid pain.

Learning to avoid pain in and of itself is pleasurable.

Seeing movies and live the story with the characters onscreen but with no physical or direct emotional consequence makes us feel good.

That is ultimately why we watch movies. To feel something.

Our main job as a filmmaker is to know how to put emotions on screen

and to do this we need to know how to master cinematic tension first.

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