Storytelling for advertising

Probably the strongest way of communicating we have at our disposal is storytelling. It is literally everywhere and is the cornerstone on which our civilization is based upon. Every civilisation incorporated it in their culture. It is the simplest device that allows us to: engage, learn, entertain, and ultimately persuade. It comes as no surprise, that most of advertising campaigns you see everyday are based on stories. Stories that generate empathy and become memorable.

Julian Barnes

You could look at human beings as machines designed for storytelling. From body language to syntax, from inflection to timing, we’re the perfect shape and form for utilizing this amazing art form. We explain ourselves through this medium.

Storytelling can make things incredibly memorable, especially for brands.

It binds people together, and builds loyalty, and becomes memorable.

Words are a barrier to communication

Whatever story you are trying to tell, make it more visual, than wordy. Show don't tell is the basic concept. Show visually why someone is sad. Don't use voice over to describe their sadness. It will generate a stronger visual impact on your audience. Sometimes on print advertising, or an instagram post will work better with text, but remember the old adage a picture tells a thousand words. For a story to be universal and to work everywhere it needs to be visual, because visuals can be understood everywhere. Look at t

Come in late, get out early

Well start your story in the most interesting time. That means starting late. You don't want to follow the entire journey of your protagonist, only the most interesting part and then leave. That is leave before it becomes boring. Remember it's like when going to parties, you come late when the fun is at its peak and you leave before the party ends. Also what that means, is that there must be an element of mystery in what you write, you don't need to explain everything, let the audience decifer some of the subtext. You need to leave room for them to participate. The only way they'll want more is if they get engaged.