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Super Vero Hypermarket

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Our team at Keyframe recently had the pleasure of working with a food retail company called SuperVero to produce stunning architectural photography for their new store. We were tasked with capturing both the interior and exterior of the building, showcasing the unique design and layout of the space.

To begin, we spent several days scouting out the best angles and lighting conditions for the exterior shots. We wanted to highlight the modern and welcoming aesthetic of the store, and spent time experimenting with different compositions and exposures to achieve the perfect balance.

Once we had the exterior shots locked in, we moved on to the interior. Working closely with the store’s design team, we carefully planned out the shots to showcase the various features and departments of the space. From the sleek and modern produce section to the warm and inviting bakery area, we captured every detail with care and precision.

The final result was a set of photographs that beautifully captured the essence of the store and its brand. The company was thrilled with the results and have already begun using the images in their marketing materials. It was a pleasure working with such a talented and creative team, and we look forward to future opportunities to showcase the beauty of architectural spaces through our photography.

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